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Yaga RPG Now On Steam Features Slavic Folklore

Indie game developer Breadcrumbs Interactive and independent publisher Versus Evil have announced that the dark comedic action RPG Yaga is now available on Steam. Previously the game that features Slavic folklore had been available on the Epic Games store and major consoles.

For the Steam release the game is launching with version 1.2 the Spirits for Spirits Update. In this release there is a brand new side mission and several new game improvements.

The game features a darkly funny narrative alongside action RPG elements that tells the story of a very unlucky one-handed blacksmith named Ivan. Faced with impossible tasks given to him by the tzar and a mysterious witch, the Baba Yaga, keeps a watch over his fate, Ivan faces off against a wide variety of monsters and legends on unsettling Slavic folk tales.

In game players have an arsenal of hammers and tools to take on the dark underworld. Along with a deep forging system players can experiment with different combinations of talismans, magic items, curses and blessings, creating a unique play experience. Decisions and actions in game will affect Ivan’s reputation and what upgrades are accessible.

Today is a proud moment for the Versus Evil team as we have been able to work with the developer Breadcrumbs Interactive in delivering Yaga as an Apple Arcade title, and Epic Store exclusive, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and now Steam. Working on indie titles like Yaga that bring folklore, story and gameplay to all these platforms is exciting and fun. Congratulations to the Breadcrumbs team on this latest achievement and we are excited to share Yaga with more fans of RPGs through our wonderful partners at Steam.

Versus Evil

Yaga is now available on PC through Steam or Humble Bundle for $24.99 USD. The Yaga Soundtrack which features 28 music tracks is also available for $7.99 USD. Previously the game was released on the Epic Games store and for the Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 consoles.

Yaga – Bad Spirits Trailer – Steam Launch | Versus Evil

Breadcrumbs Interactive (@BreadcrumbsInt Twitter) is a team of game developers with years of mobile experience. Founded in 2016, the Cluj-Napoca, Romania based group wanted to move onto creating a more meaningful gaming experience with the result being Yaga.

Versus Evil (@vs_evil Twitter) is a video game publisher who focuses purely on indie games. The company is a global publisher with presences in California, Texas, Maryland, New York, London and Holland. Currently Versus Evil boasts an impressive portfolio that includes The Banner Saga franchise, Guild of Dungeoneering, Faeria, and Armikrog.

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