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Street Cleaner: The Video Game Sweeps on to Steam

Independent video game studio Creaky Lantern Games has released their retro-like 8-bit platformer beat’em up Street Cleaner: The Video Game on Steam. Inspired by action films of the 1980s, modern synthwave musician Street Cleaner, whose works also provided the base for the game, sought to write a soundtrack to a vigilante movie that never existed. This licensed game is what would have been made based on that movie never made.

There are seven action-filled stages for players to battle through in this 2D platformer. Along the way players will faceoff against ten boss fights with each bringing their own intense style. Examples include Agent Artemis sniper extraordinaire, Big Jerry the dance club manager, and Master Feng the ninja overlord.

The criminal underworld will not know what hit them as players use their trusty baseball bat to knock a little justice into the bad guys. There is also always the gun for backup when the bat just isn’t the right tool for the job.

Various game modes help spice up the gameplay. There is the dangerous one hit kill Hardcore Mode for extreme difficulty players. An Assist Mode opens up accessibility options allowing anyone and everyone to play the game how they want. This mode opens up settings such as infinite health, infinite ammo, double jump, and reduced game speed.

In June 2020, Street Cleaner and Creaky Lantern Games held a Kickstarter campaign for Street Cleaner: The Video Game. The initial funding goal was achieved after the first 3 hours of the campaign.

Street Cleaner: The Video Game is available now on Windows PC through Steam for $14.99 USD. A special launch promotion runs until January 14 that discounts the game by 15% on Steam. For more information about Street Cleaner follow @StreetCleaner82 on Twitter or visit the game’s website here

Street Cleaner: The Video Game Trailer | Creaky Lantern Games

Creaky Lantern Games (@CreakyLantern Twitter) is an independent video game development studio from San Diego, California in the United States. Previously the studio released the side-scrolling bullet hell cute-em-up title Aeternum and most recently Street Cleaner: The Video Game. Currently the studio has several other projects in development including an arcade inspired vertical shoot’em up titled Glory Gunner.