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The Hayseed Knight Visual Novel Available on Steam

From SandraMJdev comes a self-published visual novel full of voice-acted animations, mystery, comedy, and romance in The Hayseed Knight. The title has received several accolades including VLC Indie Summit Selection 2020 and Best Artistic Design from Women Make Games in March, 2018.

With the Steam release also comes updated art and writing. A brand new third chapter that continues the story of the one-eyed farm boy Ader whose impossible dreams lead to being the most celebrated knight in the kingdom of Acazhor.

As players embark on a grand and mysterious tale, each choice will determine Ader’s fate. Decisions have consequences and will impact his relationships and decide the ultimate outcome of the story.

Presented in a unique fantasy world full of deep lore players have an opportunity to go beyond Ader’s story. An in-game encyclopedia allows one to deep dive into the rich history of the realm. The game world is closer to a cartoon rather than a simple visual novel as each scene is hand drawn with each character animated to bring the world to life.

Every character is fully voiced acted and filled with charisma. Each has their own distinct personality where players can dodge prying questions, engage in philosophical conversation or scrape together funds for a meal with a tone-deaf bard.

The Hayseed Knight is now available on Windows, Mac and Linux through Steam for $14.99 USD. A free demo is available for download on For more information about The Hayseed Knight visit the game’s website at

The Hayseed Knight – Steam Release Trailer | Sandra Molina Juan

Maxi or Sandra Molina / SandraMJdev (@SandraMJdev Twitter) is a non-binary professional Art and Voiceover director, 2D artist, writer and retired comic book colorist of DC Comics and Blizzard who is based in Spain. During the last four years SandraMJdev has tackled everything in The Hayseed Knight from art to writing, animations, programming, voiceover direction and occasional sound design and voice acting.