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Oxygen Not Included Spaced Out DLC Out Today

Klei Entertainment has released into early access, Spaced Out, the first DLC to Oxygen Not Included that expands the game to new planetoids and multiple bases. In this paid early access DLC the universe of Oxygen Not Included is about to expand with new planetoids, transport sources, and the ability to manage multiple worlds.

Spaced Out greatly expands the Oxygen Not Included universe for players. Besides building up their starting colony, players can take space missions to new and undiscovered planetoids. A brand new starting world, the Swamp, is available with its supporting biomes. This world provides a different mixture of resources to utilize when building up one’s colony.

On these planetoids new bases can be established where resources can be transported between the different bases. With updates to the UI, players can manage multiple colonies on the fly and even build a thriving megacolony.

Rocket mechanics have seen a massive overhaul in all areas of the game. The tech comes earlier and is easier to research. Surfaces of the starting planetoid is less hostile and with the new tech the transition to space is faster and easier than ever before.

In addition to the new planetoid and associated biomes are several new plants and critters. For example the Plug Slug allows players to harness small amounts of power from them at night. The Sweetle is a critter that eats sulfur and produces sucrose which can be used in power systems or for consumption.

At this point in the early access phase of Spaced Out all of the core systems are in place and ready to have content built on top of them. Currently radiation and nuclear systems are coming at a later point in the early access and some of those systems can be seen with corium hazardous mining. A lot of content is still being developed for late-game planetoids and rocketry. As mid-game content is developed plans to implement changes to rare resources and global sustainability will be expanded upon. Mods are currently disabled to ensure that feedback is specific to the in development content. When the DLC is more stable and approaching release mods will be reenabled.

Previously Klei Entertainment held a limited alpha for testers who signed up. The purpose of this test was to get the DLC in a stable enough spot for general gameplay and allow Spaced Out to enter into early access. Full details on the prior public alpha test can be read here on the Oxygen Not Included community forums.

Oxygen Not Included’s base game is available on Steam for $24.99 USD on PC, Mac OS, and Linux. The Oxygen Not Included Spaced Out DLC is available in early access for $12.99 USD. For more information about Oxygen Not Included visit the game’s page here.

Oxygen Not Included: Spaced Out! DLC – Early Access Gameplay Trailer | Klei Entertainment

Klei Entertainment (@klei Twitter) is an independent studio based in Vancouver, Canada. The studio has previously released hit tittles such as Don’t Starve, Mark of the Ninja, and Invisible, Inc.