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Curse of the Dead Gods Eagle’s Spire Update

Indie developer Passtech Games and publisher Focus Home Interactive have released The Eagle’s Spire Update for their dark fantasy rogue-lite adventure Curse of the Dead Gods. In this penultimate update on the game’s early access roadmap, players are gaining access to the third and final temple, The Eagle’s Spire, that is filled with new enemies and traps.

The Eagle Temple is now accessible for the bravest of champions to explore. From new environments to new traps there are plenty of challenges for players to overcome. Six new foes along with their elite versions have been added plus a new temple boss. Two new champions have joined the action that features electric action and five new traps: Eternal Guardians, Dark Mines, Biting Breath, Sky Fire, and Chromatic Defense.

Many balancing changes were included in the patch. The Perception stat has been overhauled to now increase and in addition amount of gold found, it also increases the chance of equipment drops for killed enemies. Curses weapons and Dark damage has been reworked where weapons have 2 exclusive affixes with one being a positive and the other negative randomly selected from existing affixes.

Player damage calculations have been reworked for final damage of main attacks. The final calculation takes into account several factors including basic weapon power, basic damage increase, bonus damage, movement bonuses, critical hit, and weakened enemy status. This calculation change was to tone down the damage curve at very high levels. In addition several relic balancing, blessing reworks, visual adjustments, bug fixes and quality of life changes are included in the update.

Curse of the Dead Gods - Early Access Roadmap | Passtech Games, Focus Home Interactive
Curse of the Dead Gods – Early Access Roadmap | Passtech Games, Focus Home Interactive

Next up in the early access development of Curse of the Dead Gods will be The Final Curse Update. In this version 1.0 update mixed temples, new cruses, new relics and new weapons are planned. Players will finally get to meet the Dead Gods and face off against the true final boss and final fight of the game. Console releases are planned for launch with The Final Curse Update which is expected in early 2021.

Curse of the Dead Gods along with The Eagle’s Spire Update is available now on Humble Bundle and Steam at a regular price of $17.99 USD for Windows PC. For more information about Curse of the Dead Gods visit the game’s website at or follow @PlayDeadGods on Twitter.

Curse of the Dead Gods – The Eagle’s Spire Update Trailer | Focus Home Interactive

Passtech Games (@PasstechGames Twitter) is an independent French game developer based in Lyon, France. Started in 2012, the company grew to become a team of dedicated and experienced game industry professionals that focus to deliver a qualitative and complete experience to gamers.

Focus Home Interactive (@FocusHome Twitter) is a publisher based in Paris, France. The company is known for the quality, diversity, and originality of its game portfolio of published and distributed original titles across all major platforms, consoles, and PC.

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