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Guntastic Full Release on PC and Xbox in December

Ludicrous Games in their debut title, Guntastic, will unleash fast-paced arena brawling with extreme comical violence on PCs and Xbox consoles this December. Every battle is guaranteed to be fast because in less than a minute everyone left alive dies too.

The game takes fast shot’em up and beat’em up action and mixes it up with over the top comedy and violence. From wacky characters to extreme death animations the game gives a goofball feel to those unforgiving 16-bit arcade coin-op classics. Battles are one-shot, one-kill that last for 25 seconds after which any players left alive are forcibly eliminated. In other words, don’t get distracted by the dancing naked guy and get to killing as time is short.

Gameplay is very simple and easy to learn. There are nine deadly weapons to master along with five game-changing powerups. Timeless classics such as rocket launchers and shotguns to more modern designs like driller-heads, cute walking bombs and energy guns are just a sampling of the varied arsenal available to players.

Six different hand-crafted environments mix up the battle arena scenes giving players plenty to work with on a single screen. Up to 4 players can participate in both online and local multiplayer where they get the perfect opportunity to wreck havoc on each other.

Guntastic is currently available in early access for Windows and Mac OS X on Steam for $11.99 USD. The game will exit early access on December 4, 2020 with a full release on Steam and the Xbox family of consoles. Xbox players can pre-order the game now for $14.99 USD For the latest information on Guntastic can be found on the game’s website at

Guntastic – Launch Trailer | Ludicrous Games

Ludicrous Games (@weareludicrous Twitter) is a two person independent video game development studio based in Lucca, Italy. Founded in late 2016 by Francesco Camarlinghi and Simone Ferroni, the studio is dedicated towards creating original over-the-top video games that are fun to play.