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Super Buckyball Tournament Preseason Kicks Off

Pathea Games has kicked off the Super Buckyball Tournament Preseason for their 3v3 esports physics-based arena action. The free to play action gives players a taste of what is to come when the game fully launches at a future date.

Set in a cyberpunk future, Super Buckyball Tournament pits two teams of three against each other to score the most goals within a six minute window. The distant future is full of artificial intelligence, robotic humanoids, and humans with animal DNA spliced into their own. All of this is in an effort to give each contestant that edge in the arena.

The Super Buckyball Tournament Preseason features seven characters, two stadiums, two Arcade modes (Dodgeball and Mayhem), new lobby, in-game background music, collection of skins, mission system, and a 60 level season pass. Players can level up their season pass by completing daily and weekly mission challenges while earning special rewards.

Speed, strategy and intensity are at the forefront of our minds as we tinker away on the next esports smash hit. The upcoming preseason will help us further transform this 3v3 physics-based contest into the action-packed, high-adrenaline version we’d like to share with the world next year.

Dylan Li, Producer, Super Buckyball Tournament

Super Buckyball Tournament has yet to set a release date. The game’s Steam page is currently available and players can add the game to their wishlist. To access the Super Buckyball Tournament Preason visit the game’s Steam page and down the free to play season that runs from November 19 until 12 AM PST December 6, 2020.

Players are encouraged to follow the game on Twitter @SuperBuckyBall or join the Super Buckyball Tournament Discord for the latest information. The game’s website is located here on the developer’s website.

Super Buckyball Tournament Preseason | Pathea Games

Pathea Games (@PatheaGames Twitter) is a game developer based in Chongqing, China and Memphis, TN, USA. Founded in 2012, the studio focuses on titles for PC, console, and mobile platforms. The studio has successfully developed two other titles, Planet Explorers and My Time at Portia. Currently the studio is working on Super Buckyball Tournament and the Kickstarter campaign for My Time at Sandrock.