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Fishkeeper Aquarium Sim Announced

Polish indie game developer Blinkclick Games have announced the first details for their aquarium sim game Fishkeeper. Self-described as an “underwater Tamagotchi,” the game features a full 3D aquarium simulator with a mix of economic strategy.

Taking on the role of a hobbyist looking after an aquarium, players are tasked with buying their own tank and equipment. In real time players will be taking care of the various needs of the different species of fish. Similar to other life sims, players will have to make sure the fish have access to food and are safe from threats to health. Being in an aquatic environment, players will need to monitor other variables such as water pH, salinity levels, water temperature, and tank contaminants.

As players care for their fish they will gradually develop a biosystem of organisms that grow and reproduces. Players will witness that various stages of aquatic life from egg to fry and beyond. Eventually the populations of fish will rise to a point where the player will be able to sell fish. The sale of fish leads to free space in the aquarium and the raising of funds for further biosystem development. For the rarest and most beautiful specimens players will be able to sell them at auction for even higher earnings.

The biosystem of the game offers a wide range of both freshwater and saltwater lifeforms. Fish, shrimps, snails, plants and corals can be used in varying combinations to create not only thriving, but beautiful and colorful biosystem.

Players will be able to admire their aquarium through a specially designed bathyscaphe, or better described as a water drone for the aquarium. The bathyscaphe is fully customizable in appearance, color, battery capacity, speed and has the ability for replaceable parts and modules. With this device players can record films, take photos, clean the aquarium, and perform other tasks that help maintain the aquatic environment.

Fishkeeper will launch on Steam when it is released. Currently the game is planned for a last quarter 2021 release. Interested players can wishlist the game now on Steam where they can also learn more information about the game.

Fishkeeper – Official Trailer | Blinkclick Games

Blinkclick Games (@BlinkclickG Twitter) is a game development studio based in Cracow, Poland. The studio’s team is comprised of video game enthusiasts that have professional experience from companies that include Artifex Mundi, 7LEVELS and Reality Games. In addition the studio runs the game design blog and the mobile strategy games website