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Scene Investigators Demo Steps Into Crime Scenes

Nevada based indie developer EQ Studios has released a demo for its upcoming realistic crime scene detective mystery game Scene Investigators. The demo is available for a limited time during the Halloween week on Steam.

Fans of the “true crime” genre will have the opportunity to step into re-created crime scenes. Through careful observation of evidence to analyzing motives behind the crimes players can uncover the truth of what actually happened.

In the demo, players are taken to the scene of a dinner party. What was to be five friends and acquaintances sitting down for a meal turned into a evening of murder. All the clues one needs to solve the crime are in the scene. Players will need to investigate and submit their answers to see if the case is solved.

Along with the release of the demo is a teaser video, viewable below, and five screenshots which can also be viewed below. The teaser video helps set the stage for the demo, the crime scene itself, and the potential suspects. All that is left is for the crime to be solved.

Scene Investigators will be hitting Steam in 2021 for Windows PC. The Scene Investigators demo is currently free to play until 10 AM PST November 2, 2020. Form more information about the game visit its page on the developer’s website here.

Scene Investigators Teaser | EQ Studios

EQ Studios (@EQSLV Twitter) is an indie game development studio based in Las Vegas, Nevada. The studio focuses on creating games that the development team is passionate about. In 2017, the studio released their first title, The Painscreek Killings, a detective mystery on Steam.