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Aeon Drive Featured at BIC Festival Stage

The speed-running cyberpunk platformer Aeon Drive from 2Awesome Studio is taking stage at the Busan Indie Connect (BIC) Festival. Held virtually this year because of the current COVID-19 pandemic, the virtual event is allowing any player from any region to access the more than 150 games taking part in the event.

Set in the same universe as Dimension Drive the game features the continued story of female space pilot name Jackelyne players. Along the way players are treated to an eye-catching synthwave art aesthetic as they speed through levels. Based in a 2D touristy cyberpunk version of Barcelona players get to take a sweet and shooty holiday as time is the new threat.

Ditching the usual try, die, repeat loop of most video games, Aeon Drive features a unique time-warping system that saves players from all those boring repetitive tasks while keeping the challenge fresh. If a level is taking too long, players can recharge their timer before time is up to get those few extra seconds. However, time-warping crystals are limited and when one runs out they are on their own. Also one will want to watch out for obstacles, enemies, and falls that just seem to eat up one’s time.

To keep the game fresh, Aeon Drive features real-time difficulty adjustment for the precision platformer. Players will want to collect time-warping devices and use them strategically. Leaderboards offer friends competition through Discord integration and Steam. A streaming mode lets players share their epic exploits with world and the galaxy.

Aeon Drive is planned for a 2020 release on PC through Steam. The Aeon Drive demo is available on the BIC Festival website at or on the game’s Steam page. For more information about Aeon Drive visit the game’s website at where players can also register for the alpha or follow @AeonDrive on Twitter.

Aeon Drive – Alpha Reveal Trailer | 2Awesome Studio

2Awesome Studio (@2AwesomeStudio Twitter) is a Dutch independent game development studio composed of David Jimenez and Alejandro Santiago. Both originally from Barcelona, Spain meet in 2006 while working at the European Space Agency as engineers. In 2009 they teamed up to and started sharing their passion for video game development with 2Awesome Studio coming into existence in 2013. Since the studio’s start they have worked on several projects including Dimension DriveInferno 2, Back to Bed, Lost Wing, and Aeon Drive.