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Get-A-Grip Chip Interactive Platformer Grapples Onto Steam

Redstart Interactive has grappled its way onto desktops unleashing the powerful platformer, Get-A-Grip Chip, on Steam. The game is the studio’s first Steam title and its cute bot Chip will get players hooked.

The Battery Bots are lost in a dangerous, if not deadly, robot assembly factory. Only Chip can save the day by navigating the five floors and 30 levels. However, unlike traditional platformers, this one has a twist that requires players to use a grappling hook to maneuver around as Chip can’t jump.

Each level is a high-flying gauntlet of fast-moving obstacles. Using the grappling hook players can help Chip soar over molten metal pits, giant crushers, toxic waste pools, buzz saws, and powerful lasers.

Levels have hidden areas for players to explore. There are also challenges that will need to be completed in order for one to rescue all of Chip’s robot friends. Both keyboard and mouse or controller are supported so players can use what they are the most comfortable while playing.

Players who want to prove they are the best and to one-up their friends can compete on the leaderboards. These leaderboards are competitive worldwide per-level and those at the top will be able to brag until someone else takes their spot.

Get-A-Grip Chip is available now on Windows, MacOS and Linux through Steam for $14.99 USD. A launch special promotion runs until October 23, 2020 that discounts the game by 15%. The Original Game Soundtrack is available as a separate DLC for $7.99 USD. For more information about Get-A-Grip Chip visit the game’s page on the developer’s website here.

Get-A-Grip Chip Announcement Trailer | Redstart Interactive

Redstart Interactive (@redstart_io Twitter) is a New York based indie game developer and producer. Established in 2019 the studio creates immersive games for desktop and console platforms utilizing fresh gameplay and entertaining storytelling. Additionally the company has created mobile app based unofficial companion guides for Breath of the Wild and Link’s Awakening.