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Fata Deum God Game Coming Spring 2021

German developer 42 Bits Entertainment has announced details for, Fata Deum, a new god game heading to Steam in spring 2021. The announcement comes after a successful Kickstarted in spring of this year and successful showing at Gamescom 2019.

Whoever said that the god game genre was dead is simply dead wrong. Similar to classic the god game Black & White, Fata Deum lets players build settlements and compete with other gods for influence. The more followers one has the more power they wield. Mana management is key for timely manipulation of settlements, devotees, and reality. As power is gained more feats are unlocked.

There are two ways to go about gaining influence. One can choose to convince the mortals or conquer them. During the day influence can be used to bless and inspire or strike fear with terrifying visions. At night players can manipulate the settlements and instruct the mortals to build mighty temples, farms, and lumber mills.

For those who don’t really care about the mortals, only the influence gained from their worship can raise an army. Even some of the mortals can be sacrificed to summon terrifying demons to unleash upon one’s enemies and spread fear. Just for fun one can throw a Thunderstrike or two at their enemies as well.

As influence grows the world itself will shape around it. Every god manifests their kingdom differently. Players will find themselves battling against the gods of Violence, Deceit, Fertility and Pleasure. One can choose to have a kingdom of fun, festivities, love, crops, and light or have a kingdom filled with twisted trees, demons, fear and darkness.

A campaign mode in the game features the story of a young god rising to glory. The story is full of curious challenges with an engaging narrative.

Fata Deum is heading to Steam early access in spring 2021. A full launch is planned for later in 2021 after gathering feedback and community input during the early access period. For more information about Fata Deum visit the game’s website at or by joining the Fata Deum Discord.

Fata Deum: Meet the Gods Trailer | 42 Bits Entertainment

42 Bits Entertainment (@42BitsEntertain Twitter) is an indie game developer based in Jüchen, German. Founded in 2018 with a specific purpose to bring the god game genre back. The company first started out as a single developer Christoph Schulze with support from the local government to build the first prototype. With that prototype Schulze was able to showcase his vision and gather a team of experienced developers to fulfill this vision.