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The Imagined Leviathan Short Narrative on Steam

Far Few Giants has released the third game in a series of short narrative experiences, The Imagined Leviathan, one Steam. Each entry in the titled The Sacrifices Series from the developer focuses on stunning visuals and strong story telling.

In the third entry players enter a monochromatic British forest where a looming blizzard remains a constant threat. On the fifty degrees below zero journey towards Steel Henge, a place of great importance, players will gather twigs, moss, and stories to build fires for warmth or else face a freezing death. However, lurking in the trees just beyond reach of the player is a malevolent presence.

Gameplay is expected to take about 20 minutes that tells the story of a future where Britain has became an arctic wasteland because of climate change. Each entry in the short narrative series is planned to be released once a month until the series is complete. The games are a political commentary to living an ethical life in the modern world.

This series of games is an experiment in challenging the publishing model for indie narrative games. By developing and releasing very quickly, we’re able to react to a shifting landscape, to comment on what’s in the news, and not obfuscate our voices through a multi-year dev cycle.

Antony de Fault, Developer, Far Few Giants

The Imagined Leviathan is available for free on and Steam for Windows and Mac. Players can also pickup the first game in The Sacrifices Series, The Night Fisherman on Steam and and the second game The Outcast Lovers on Steam and For more information about The Sacrifices Series visit the Far Few Giants page here.

The Imagined Leviathan – Launch Trailer | Far Few Giants

Far Few Giants (@farfewgiants Twitter) is a 2 person development team, Chard (@animtree Twitter) and de Fault (@antony_de_fault Twitter), who have been a part of the freelance indie scene for many years. Now they are telling their own stories with their own games. Currently the studio is working on a 12-month episodic narrative journey, The Sacrifices Series, which is the team’s biggest development project to date.