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Noita Pixel Roguelite Early Access Date

Noita is coming to Early Access with a date set in September as an action roguelite shooter where every pixel is simulated.

The magical action is set in a world filled with mystery where every pixel is physically simulated. Inspiration for Noita is taken from underground classics such as Liero and falling sand games in addition to modern roguelikes and roguelites.

Like most roguelites, Noita has players fight and explore their way through a procedurally generated world using spells of their own creation. In other words a player can choose to melt, burn, freeze, evaporate, or explode their way through enemies.

In Noita as mentioned before each pixel in the world is simulated. Additionally the pixel-based physics lets players have their way with the world. Just about anything can burn, explode, or melt.

Like all action roguelites death is permanent. However, death is just another chance at adventure. Plus players can use what they learned to further their next adventure.

Nolla Games is the developer of Noita. The studio is using their in-house Falling Everything Engine. The engine allows for the simulation of large-scale, physics-based worlds where everything consists of interactive pixels.

Noita is set for an Early Access launch on September 24, 2019. The game will be available on Humble Store, Steam, and More information about Noita can be found on the game’s website at

Noita – Early Access Launch Date Trailer | Nolla Games

Nolla Games (@NollaGames Twitter) is an independent game studio based in Helsinki, Finland. The studio was formed by Petri Purho, Olli Harjola and Arvi Teikari. Previous titles from the studio’s founders include Crayon Physics Deluxe, The Swapper, and Baba Is You.

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