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Forge and Fight! Battles Its Way Into Early Access

Swedish indie developer Flamebait Games is letting early access players forge the absurd in Forge and Fight! the studio’s multiplayer arena battle game. The free-for-all mayhem features up to eight players with their own ludicrous forged creations.

The premise is simple, forge a weapon and make sure it is the biggest and baddest of them all. Then take that weapon and beat all of one’s opponents over the head with it. Or incinerate them if a flamethrower was attached. And if slicing and dicing is more to a player’s liking they can always attach one, two, many circular blades. Talk about cutting down the competition.

There are 50 weapon parts to choose from. Players can experiment in the open-ended sandbox mode to fashion and forge the weapon of their dreams while using it to slaughter endless waves of bots. Once the weapon is perfected jump into online arena and make waste of every adversary who dares to stand in the way of glory and victory.

Forge and Fight! is already great fun to play, and we are looking forward to gathering player feedback throughout Early Access to add in more maps and game modes, accessories and weapon parts, to make sure that this game stays at the top of everyone’s social distancing agenda. Our ever-growing community are truly an inspiration for us, as we are enjoying the absurdly fun ideas they come up with. Achievements and seasonal events are also on the horizon, so join our Forge and Fight! family on Discord and let us know what you think!

Mattias Lindblad, CEO, Flamebait Games

Over the course of a match new unlockable items will open up. This allows for a creative and freestyle fight that will keep all players on their toes over the course of the match. Each match will be unique and will brings hours of creative hilarity as one slices, dices, bashes, and incinerates their friends and foes.

Forge and Fight! is available on PC as an early access game on Steam for $19.99 USD. An early access release promotion for Forge and Fight! runs until September 24, 2020 that discounts the game by 15%. For more information about the early access release of Forge and Fight! visit the developer’s website here or join the Flamebait Games Discord.

Forge and Fight! Early Access Trailer | Flamebait Games

Flamebait Games (@FlamebaitGames Twitter) is a small indie game studio based in Skövde, Sweden. Founded in 2016 the developer released its first project and award-winning title Passpartout: The Starving Artist in June 2017. Later the studio went on to released Verlet Swing in 2018 and is currently working Forge and Fight! with its early access release in September 2020.