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Redneck Ed: Astro Monsters Show Released

Rustic Fantastic and publisher 101XP have mixed up genres while throwing in a bunch of pop culture and sarcastic humor to create Redneck Ed: Astro Monsters Show. From strange extraterrestrials to the wacky world of intergalactic show business this game has all the 2D hand-drawn cartoon action one would desire.

Ed is a or rather was just a simple mechanic from the planet Earth. However, his simple life ended when his face was stolen by a mysterious alien girl. Now he finds himself on a quest to retrieve his face while also being a pawn on an intergalactic TV show.

In order to reclaim his face and find a way back home Ed must take and destroy all those weird monsters that stand in his way. Lucky for Ed he does have his trusty wrench with him as he clears level after level in beat’em up arcade fashion.

There are 15 levels of complete and total chaos. Each is filled with various hazards, traps and other generally nasty stuff. Living volcanoes, giant mushrooms, and all those various intergalactic monstrosities looking to electrocute, stomp, smash and bash Ed into oblivion are just a preview of what lies ahead.

The developers are huge fans of 1980s pop culture. Players can expect to see a flood of allusions to action movies, TV shows and other games as one follows Ed on his misadventure.

Redneck Ed: Astro Monsters Show is out now on Steam and Humble Bundle for $19.99 USD. A launch discount runs until September 17 that knocks 15% off the price. For more information about Redneck Ed follow @Ed_the_Redneck on Twitter or visit the game’s website here.

Redneck Ed: Astro Monsters Show – PAX Online Launch Trailer | 101XP

Rustic Fantastic is a team of indie game developers from Moscow and St. Petersburg. The five member team are huge fans of ’80s pop culture and combined have almost ten years of experience in the gaming industry. Redneck Ed is the studio’s first major project that has been in development since 2018.

101XP is an international online game publisher and developer. The company is comprised of a team of skilled game industry professionals who helped to previously publish games such as Eternal MagicEra of Legends, and Jade Dynasty.

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