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Fantasy of Expedition Roguelike Exits Early Access

Milk Bottle Studio and developer LW.C have fully released the real-time strategy RPG hybrid Fantasy of Expedition as the game exited early access on Steam today. In the full release comes English language support, bug fixes and much polishing.

Fantasy of Expedition‘s unique spin on a strategy RPG has been well received by players during its time in Early Access and we’re thrilled to finally bring it to a western audience with full English language support. Thanks to community feedback, this release offers more depth and polish than ever before, making for the definitive version of Fantasy of Expedition.

Echo, Publishing Director, Milk Bottle Studio

The game features hectic real-time combat that requires players to strategically recruit an army of cute pixel characters to fight off a legion of unholy invaders. Players can choose their formations and customize the skills and items of each unit. These choices will be key as one unleashes their holy army against the demons on the battlefield.

With a mandate from the Heavens to rid the world players will journey across various randomly-generated scenarios as they take on the demonic forces. Each playthrough will consist of fresh and new challenges with different enemy arrangements. Every time the player dies they start over while still keeping so called legacies allowing for more powerful upgrades in future playthroughs.

All of the work on the game including design, coding, art, sound and music was created by solo indie developer LW.C. Community feedback during the early access phase had a large impact on the full version release of the game.

Fantasy of Expedition has been a passion project of mine for years, as I single-handedly created all of its design, coding, art, music and sound. I couldn’t have done it without the community though, offering me feedback throughout its Early Access release. I think you’ll find this full version of the game more balanced and accessible than ever!

LYM, Solo Developer and Founder, LW.C

Fantasy of Expedition is available Windows and Mac through Steam for $9.99 USD. A special launch promotion that takes 10% off the game’s price runs until September 20, 2020. For more information about Fantasy of Expedition visit the game’s Steam page, follow @FOE0914 or join the Fantasy of Expedition Discord.

LW. C is the work of Taiwan based solo game developer LYM. The developer developed all the graphics, sound, game design and coding for their Fantasy of Expedition title.

Milk Bottle Studio is an indie game publisher. The 2018 founded studio main desire is to help small indie game developers boost their games all over the world.