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Earth: 9000 Arcade Shooter Now Launching

Solo indie developer Secret Forest Games has launched their bullet hell top-down arcade shooter Earth: 9000 on PC. Launching from early access, the game features a visually rich and deep gameplay with tight mechanics and driving difficulty.

The game puts players in the command chair of Earth’s defenses. Only one mission matters and that is to protect the planet from a never ending onslaught of alien invaders while still keeping calm against overwhelming odds. As enemies are defeated and special events are completed research is gained. New weapons and upgrades can be unlocked with this research leading to more defensive power.

In the event of failure, all the knowledge gained is sent to a new Earth who is ready to defend itself once more. However, this time the planet has the advantage of all this new research and knowledge.

Since the early access launch Earth: 9000 has seen a series on improvements and additions. These changes included an art overhaul, new alien ships, unexpected events, new ship art, time compression, tips, enemy information, wave skips, pickups, achievements, leaderboards, and painted backgrounds. This is in addition to bug fixes, balancing, and quality of life improvements.

Already the developer has plans for an update that will feature a couple of more ship types. In addition a swarm unexpected event is scheduled to be included in the update planned for next week. At a future date, easy and serious difficulty modes, weapon challenges, and maybe even some console action are all in the plans.

Earth: 9000 is available now on Steam, Humble Bundle and for $11.99 USD. A special launch promotion that discounts the game by 20% will run for one week after the September 10 launch.

Earth: 9000 Launch Trailer | Secret Forest Games

Secret Forest Games (@SecretForestGam Twitter) is a solo indie developer based in Atlanta, Georgia. Founded in 2019 by Steve Caywood, the studio released their first PC game, Adventures of Isabelle Fine: Murder on Rails in July 2019. With the release of Earth: 9000 the studio is focusing development on their Lovecraft inspired action focused platformer Evil-ish.

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