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Raiders Of The Lost Island Local Co-Op Now on Steam

Indie game developer Last Tales has self-published the local co-op party game Raiders of the Lost Island on Steam. Up to four players compete for treasure on a sinking island.

After three of development and some testing on players can compete in either local co-op or online multiplayer through Remote Play Together with Steam friends. On the cursed sinking island players will need to work together to build a boat to survive the final wave.

However, the one with the most loot in the end wins. Treasure can found all over the island and the first one to grab it gets it. If a players starts to pull ahead, the other players can team up and steal their loot. But the key takeaway is if no one works on the boat, in the end everyone drowns and no one wins.

There are several islands to explore and loot. The treasures will be added up and put away in the hideout for safe keeping. Islands can feature rare relics, hidden secrets, and dangers to end one’s hope of fabulous loot.

The game is designed to be a family or friend cooperative adventure with a dash of competitiveness. Players can see who is willing to work for the good of the group and who is willing to line their pockets with loot. Solo players are still welcomed too where they can challenge themselves to get maximum loot and then survive to brag about it on the game’s online leaderboards.

Both keyboard and gamepads are supported. The controls are simple with a single stick and four buttons.

Raiders of the Lost Island is available now on Windows PC through Steam for $12.99 USD. A special 20% off launch discount runs until September 9, 2020. More information about Raiders of the Lost Island can be found on the game’s website at

Raiders Of The Lost Island Launch Trailer | Last Tales

Last Tales is an indie developer studio based in Bucharest, Romania. Founded by Alexandru Simion (@xelanoimis Twitter) has 19 years of industry experience. He is the creator of the DizzyAGE engine and previously published The Last Tides on Amazon and Bathtime Toys on iOS. Raiders of the Lost Island is the studio’s first game release on Steam.