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Evergate Navigates the Afterlife on Steam

Stone Lantern Games and publisher PQube have released their afterlife based 2D puzzle platformer Evergate on Steam for PC. Previously the Nintendo Switch console version was released in mid-August while it was featured on Nintendo’s Indie World showcase.

Jump into a story focused around a child-like soul named Ki set in the realm of the afterlife. Players will help guide Ki on a journey to recover past memories of their past life. During this process a connection to another soul across space and time will be revealed.

To navigate the afterlife players will use a unique align-to-shoot mechanic, the Soulflame. Throughout each level are various power crystals that when fired upon with the Soulflame will activate a special power. There are many different crystal types to aid Ki in navigating towards a level’s end gate.

Levels tend to have more than one path towards the end gate and there are bonus objectives for the player. Completing these bonuses builds up Ki’s essence counter. Powerful ancient artifacts that boosts Ki’s abilities can be unlocked with the essence counter.

In the vibrant realm of the afterlife handcrafted illustrations stunningly colorful environmental backdrops fill each level with constant eye candy. To accompany the beautiful visuals each environment features a tailored orchestrated soundtrack to enhance the experience. In addition, Ki’ Lullaby, one of the central pieces of the game’s music was originally written by Evergate’s composer Mike Miller for when his daughter was born.

Evergate is available now on PC through Steam for $19.99 USD. As special launch promotion runs until September 8 that discounts the game by 15%. Players can wishlist the game now. Evergate is currently available on the Nintendo Switch through the Nintendo eShop for $19.99 USD. For more information about Evergate visit the game’s website at or join the official Evergate Discord.

Evergate Out Now on Steam | PQube

Stone Lantern Games (@StnLntrnGames Twitter) is a Boston based studio comprised of MIT graduates. Each engineer, like a gamer choosing a character class on the four member team, specializes in one of four skills: Visual Effects, Art, Music, or Narrative. Evergate is the studio’s first title and a successfully funded Kickstarter project.

PQube (@PQubeGames Twitter) is a UK publisher, distributor, and service provider for the interactive entertainment industry with a global reach with offices in the UK, France, USA, and Hong Kong. They are a licenses publisher with Sony, Microsoft, Valve, Nintendo, and Apple. PQube also has a hardware division that designs, manufactures, and distributes officially licensed consoles and accessories that includes the brand new Atari Retro range.