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Greyhat Hacking Story Hits Steam Today

Solo indie developer Limited Games has released on Steam a story-driven hacking adventure titled Greyhat – A Digital Detective Adventure. There is also a demo on Steam to let players get their bits and bytes in order before purchasing the game.

Jumping right into the game, players will find themselves playing as themselves who happens to be an infamous hacker for hire. While white hat hackers do good and black hat hackers do bad, grey hat hackers operate in the realm between the two. Considering the game’s title, it is a safe bet to understand which role the player will be taking on in this simulation-like hacking story.

The story follows the player as their great reputation has left a record of getting the job done no matter how dirty it will get. Unfortunately, this may have upset certain parties and during a routine job the player’s daughter is kidnapped.

To get back their daughter, the player will need to infiltrate a wide range of PCs and put together the clues in effort to track down the kidnappers. Each of these computers will have lots of data such as personal documents, corporate calendars and emails. Some might even have a webcam that will allow the player to sneak a peek. Unknown to the player, this journey will lead down a deep dark rabbit hole that is filled with secrets and unbelievable conspiracies.

Taking inspiration from Grey Hack, Uplink and Orwell with puzzle hacking gameplay, Greyhat also adds big helping of story. This creates an effective classic point and click story all within the realm of a computer. The game follows a simple structure explore, click around, gather data, build a profile of the kidnappers and save their missing daughter through a series of mini-games.

Greyhat – A Digital Detective Adventure is now available on PC through Steam for $11.99 USD. A special launch promotion runs until September 7 that knocks 15% off the game’s regular price. For more information about Greyhat visit the developer’s website here.

Greyhat – A Digital Detective Adventure Launch Trailer | Limited Games

Limited Games (@Linteractivity Twitter) is a solo indie developer studio founded in 2018 by Leon Lim. The Melaka, Malaysia based studio is home to Lim’s projects that aim to be unique and exciting titles that combine innovative gameplay with strong narratives. Previous titles from Lim include Rubber Wrestling and Undead AfterMath.