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Ridiculous Catapult Simulator Physics Deck-Builder Revealed

Indie game developer Failcore and publisher All in! Games heading into gamescom 2020 took a moment to announce their upcoming physics deck-builder Ridiculous Catapult Simulator. Attendees at gamescom can visit the Partner Booth Poland to learn more about the game.

The game is a mix of classic ragdoll physics in a 3D tower defense that includes deck-building elements. A teaser video, viewable below, gives a brief glimpse at the wacky cartoonish world located in the game. With the motto if it fits, it flies, players will have plenty of opportunity to laugh and snicker as they drop ridiculous objects on their enemies.

We’re thrilled to cooperate with All in! Games to help our title reach a wider audience. Early Access is a great way to gather player feedback and will help us create a balanced, systemic experience.

Jan Cieślar, Founder and Creative Director, Failcore

As players defend their castle, they will be able to cause total mayhem across the 3D pastel-colored world. There is no telling what ammo combos one will create as they build their deck. Again, remember the motto and then it makes sense why bathtubs, pianos, and even automobiles can be seen flying in the air.

Ridiculous Catapult Simulator will be coming soon to early access on Steam. Players can wishlist the game now on Steam. For more information about Ridiculous Catapult Simulator visit the game’s website at, follow @CatapultSim on Twitter or join the Ridiculous Catapult Simulator Discord.

Ridiculous Catapult Simulator Gamescom 2020 Teaser | All in! Games

Failcore (@Failcore_Games Twitter) is a game development studio based in Warsaw, Poland with a team of remote employees working from around the globe. The studio’s first game start off as a joke over lunch that turned into Invisible Fist. Now the studio is working on their second title along with All in! Games, Ridiculous Catapult Simulator.

All in! Games (@AllinGamesPub Twitter) is a new video game publishing and production company that was founded in 2018. Based in Krakow, Poland the company merged with Setanta in 2020 and is listed on the stock exchange in Warsaw. The company’s portfolio includes: Ghostrunner, Paradise Lost, Alaloth – Champions of The Four Kingdoms, Fort Triumph, Daymare: 1998, Space Cows, Metamorphosis, and Space Company Simulator.