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Redneck Ed: Astro Monsters Show Release Date in September

Russian indie developer Rustic Fantastic and publisher 101XP have set a release date for Redneck Ed: Astro Monsters Show in September. The game is a retro cartoon-like beat’em up all on camera for an intergalactic TV show in a 2D arcade arena.

Ed was once a simple man with a simple life. However, all that changed when a mysterious girl left him without his face. Now Ed battles in a groovy arena that features a variety of evil alien monsters and surreal action. Easter eggs are abundant in the game with many great pop culture references.

Combat is is both fast-paced and challenging. The strange plot and crazy characters are inspired by the retro testosterone movies and wacky cartoons. Some of the characters include Johnny Mohawk, Hellraiser and the amalgamation that is Slime Bunny. Ed, like a certain ’80s TV character, can throw together a flamethrower out of toothpicks and some tape.

Fifteen levels of chaos await Ed. The off-beat art style with hand-drawn animations will take place across various landscapes that include giant mushrooms and living volcanoes. Only by defeating all the aliens can Ed survive and become a space star. Get ready because this September it’s lights, camera and beat’em up action!

Redneck Ed: Astro Monsters Show release date is set for September 10, 2020 on Steam. Players can wishlist the game now. For more information about Redneck Ed follow @Ed_the_Redneck on Twitter or visit the game’s website here.

Redneck Ed Official Release Date & Game Trailer | 101XP

Rustic Fantastic is an indie game developer from Moscow and St. Petersburg. The five member team are huge fans of ’80s pop culture and combined have almost ten years of experience in the gaming industry. Redneck Ed is the studio’s first major project that has been in development since 2018.

101XP is an international online game publisher and developer. The company is comprised of a team of skilled game industry professionals who helped to previously publish games such as Eternal Magic, Era of Legends, and Jade Dynasty.