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Orange Cast Demo Features Sci-fi Space Action

Indie Russian developer Team Rez and publisher Valkyrie Initiative have released a demo for their upcoming sci-fi space RPG action game Orange Cast on The story is about a cold war in space in Russian with English subtitles.

It is now 2046 and a space cold war is in effect. The great nations have colonized Mars and constructed massive space fleets. Players who dare enter the vastness of space will find themselves as an elite space trooper of humanity or rather Uber-Unit.

During the attack on Sion Colony by unknown coalition forces, players awaken in the midst of the chaos. Civilians are dying, defenses failing and communications are gone. In this trek throughout an anomaly-based space system of planets and colonies, players will lead the investigation into what is happening and what is threatening all of humankind.

There is always something for players to do. From action-packed shoot-outs to exploration the universe is alive. Dialogs, story choices, and secondary quests all help to explore the game’s lore. All of these elements are all connected in a way that they play off of each other to deliver a unique gameplay experience similar to the feeling players felt with the Mass Effect series.

The Orange Cast Demo is currently available on Be warned that the download file size of the demo is about 12.6 GB. Previously the demo was made available during the Steam Game Festival: Summer Edition where gamers were also invited to watch live streams and share their feedback with the developer.

Orange Cast is scheduled for release on September 10, 2020 on Steam for Windows PC. More information about Orange Cast can be found on the game’s Steam page.

Orange Cast Gameplay Trailer (English Subtitles) | Team Rez, Valkyrie Initiative

Team Rez is an indie game development studio from Kaluga, Russia. Orange Cast is the studio’s debut title. The studio is focused on completing Orange Cast with plans for a sequel and a vision for their next title in the works.

Valkyrie Initiative (@ValkyrieInitia1 Twitter) is a Russian video game publisher with a focus on indie game titles with a decade of experience on Steam. Previously the studio has helped publish titles such as Demoniaca: Everlasting Night and Hippocampus. Currently the company is working on Card Blitz: WWII and Orange Cast.