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COSMOS Challenging Platform Shooter Out on PC

Solo indie developer Citybuilder Studios has released their challenging platform shooter COSMOS for PC gamers everywhere. The studio’s debut title is filled with retro fast-paced vertical 2D action.

Upon watching the COSMOS launch trailer, linked below, one immediately will see that game contains all the elements of a classic arcade-era vertical platform shooter. There are multiple worlds full of unique pixel enemies and chiptune tracks that might make one think they stumbled into a DeLorean and found themself in 1985.

In the game players can aim and shoot with full 360 degrees of control in the 2D shooter with their precise use of wither a mouse or joystick. Wallrunning and double jumps are an ease with the fluid responsive movement and tight-controls.

Each level is handcrafted and designed to be short using the Unity game engine. This level design allows for great speedrunning opportunities yet remains difficult giving incremental challenges throughout the game. Co-op with friends and Versus game modes are available through local multiplayer and Steam Remote Play that allows one to challenge friends and other gamers through the Steam Leaderboards.

COSMOS is available now on Windows PC through Steam at the price of $4.99 USD. A special launch promotion runs until July 29, 2020 that discounts the game by 15%. For more information about COSMOS or the developer visit

COSMOS Launch Trailer – Steam July 22nd | Citybuilder Studios

Citybuilder Studios (@CitybuilderDev Twitter) is a solo indie developer. COSMOS is the debut release for the one-man studio who had been making small web games for three years. After starting a larger project in 2019, the studio grew it into COSMOS which was released on Jul 22, 2020.