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Ourea Cinematic Puzzle Game Now Available

Dublin based indie game development studio Rewrite Games has released their cinematic puzzle adventure game Ourea on PC. The company consists of 5 former students from the Technological University of Dublin who studied Game Design.

In March of this year Ourea was highlighted at Fleadh, Ireland’s leading Game Design Event. The team in the end won Best Game Built using a Game Engine and Best in Social Impact awards for 2020. A beta was released later for the Steam Festival that allowed players to experience a taste of the handcrafted cinematic moments and environmental puzzles in the game.

The game’s story revolves around the all but extinct Oreads who brought about their own demise. Now all that is left is the main character Glyf. For centuries their kind lived by drawing energy from nature and managed to destroy the environment during the process.

We’re incredibly excited to finally release Ourea and let people experience this world that we have created.

Conor Barron, Lead Artist, Rewrite Games

Inspiration is taken from games such as Journey and Shadow of the Colossus in addition to Alejandro G. Iñárritu’s movie Birdman. The story-driven cinematic puzzle adventure puts players at the helm to discover the distressing past of the world. In a way the game’s narrative mirrors the current world of current environmental challenges that will be faced in the coming decades.

Ourea is available for Windows PC on and Steam at a price of $7.99 USD. More information about Ourea can be found on the game’s website or follow @OureaGame on Twitter.

Ourea Official Trailer | Rewrite Games

Rewrite Games is a Dublin based indie game studio that consists of 5 people. The team is currently in their fourth year of Game Design at TU Dublin in Ireland. Making narrative-driven cinematic puzzle games is the studio’s primary focus.