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Modest Hero Available on Steam

Turkish indie solo developer Deniz Kayacan is back with another Steam historical adventure, Modest Hero, that tells story of the last hours of a Paris captive in June 1848. The game presents a 2D story set at the peak of the Age of Revolutions in France.

A general was killed by a group of rebels. Seven people or rather rebels were suspected of the killing and arrested the next day. Victor is one of the people who was captured by soldiers. Now him along with the other six are downhearted and angry, but still yet remain hopeful as they proceed towards judgement. It should be noted that even in the most of appalling situations, brazen courage can rise.

In June 1848, an uprising had started in the suburbs of Paris, France. This uprising was suppressed by the army during the last days of June. After his arrest, Victor tries to help his fellow prisoners who march with him towards their fate. During this procession Victor takes a moment to remember the events of how this all started as the players jumps into his memories in search of both answers and to witness these historical political moments of 19th century France.

Modest Hero is currently available on Steam for Windows PC at a price of $9.99 USD. Until July 21, 2020 a special launch promotion is running that reduces the game’s price by 10%. For more information about Modest Hero visit the game’s website at or follow @amodesthero on Twitter.

Modest Hero Pre-Alpha Trailer

Deniz Kayacan (@DenizKayacan15 Twitter) is an indie game developer based out of Turkey. Previously in October 2018 he released Kolkhoz: The Red Wedge a historical 2D story adventure about the collectivization era in the USSR.