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Towaga: Among Shadows Out on PC Today

Sunnyside Games and Noodlecake Studios has launched the 2D twin-stick shooter Towaga: Among Shadows on PC through Steam. The game was previously released on the Nintendo Switch and Apple Arcade with a PS4 released planned for later this summer.

Players are taken to an enchanted land full of 2D graphic animations and cinematics inspired by the great Genndy Tartakovsky. Taking on the role of Chimù, players must harness the power of the light to save the island and take on Metnal the Voidmonger and his Legion of Darkness.

Players are going to love the fast-paced arcade action of Towaga: Among Shadows. We built this game with infinite replayability in mind, with a huge amount of content all wrapped around an audiovisual package that we think has a timeless quality to it. And that’s not all, we have even more content and features planned for Towaga: Among Shadows. Stay tuned for more on that soon!

Ryan Granville, Producer, Sunnyside Games

As a unique take on the twin-stick shoot genre, Towaga: Among Shadows features ground-based shoot’em up combat from a fixed position. Players can then aim their endless light beam and vaporize all those of the dark who threaten the island. Chimù can also take to the skies where players will have full control as they fly between their opponents.

There are 70 unique stages where players will unlock new spells, gear, outfits and lore entries. To deal more damage, increase their magic potency and have more HP all one just needs to do is gain more XP. Four single player modes are available that includes the narrative-based Story Mode, small Trial Challenges and Endless Mode that challenges players with how long can they survive.

In addition there are 60 unlockable items, 50 achievements, and an online leaderboard for bragging rights. Plus there is a local multiplayer mode for when one has a friend over.

Towaga: Among Shadows is out now on PC through Steam at the price of $14.99 USD. The game is also currently available in the Apple Arcade. This past June the game was released on the Nintendo Switch and a PS4 release is coming at a future yet to be announced date this summer.

Towaga: Among Shadows – Available Now | Sunnyside Games

Sunnyside Games (@SunnysideGames Twitter) is a swiss-based developer out of Lausanne, Switzerland. Founded in May 2013, the developer has found success with its team in creating challenging, immersive and hand-crafted 2D games. The company’s first release was in 2014 with The Firm on iOS and Android devices.

Noodlecake Studios (@NoodlecakeGames Twitter) is a small indie game studio based in Saskatoon, Canada. Founded in early 2011, the studio’s first game, Super Stickman Golf, allowed the studio to expand into the publishing market and releasing games on multiple platforms.