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Welcome to Elk: The First Stories Free on Steam

Indie developer Triple Topping Games has released the narrative Welcome to Elk: The First Stories for free on Steam. The First Stories gives players a tease of the art style, story and what can be expected in the full game on PC and Xbox One later this year.

A blend of tall tales and true stories stitched across a fictional 2D island is at the heart of Welcome to Elk. It is a biographical adventure full of joyful, dark, and hilarious moments and minigames.

The stories are based on first-hand travel accounts about people who have either been ignored or forgotten by the world. For example, Lauge who lived in Greenland and rural California who happens to be the brother of Elk’s director Astrid, once almost smuggled diamonds in India and made friends with Anders who died three times.

Players take on the role of Frigg. She is a young carpenter who trades their busy city life for an apprenticeship in the small town of Elk. While there is worry that the slower pace may be boring, this quickly passes as Frigg discovers this town has a lot to say. One lesson might be that life can be hard at times, but it is always followed by laughter.

Welcome to Elk: The First Stories are free to play on Steam. For more information about Welcome to Elk visit the game’s website at

Welcome to Elk; New Gameplay Trailer | Triple Topping Games

Triple Topping Games (@TripleTopping Twitter) is a small indie studio based in Copenhagen, Denmark. The February 2017 founded studio, by Simon and Astrid, works on making games with unique stories and art styles. In 2018, Spitkiss, the studio’s first title was released. Their current project is Welcome to Elk.