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Quintus and the Absent Truth Chapter One: Forgotten is Free to Play

Wreck Tangle Games has released the first of a five part series in the horror adventure Quintus and the Absent Truth Chapter One: Forgotten. The first chapter is being made available free to play on Game Jolt and

In the very first chapter of the horror adventure players are introduced to a man and a mouse. Alan Shaw, the man, and Quintus, the mouse, are trying to find Lydia, Alan’s daughter. It is Lydia’s birthday, however, she is nowhere to be found. Will they be able to find her before she finds them?

During the first chapter players are given a short introduction to the dynamic between Alan and Quintus. Unlike other horror games where the player is often alone Alan and Quintus work together. For example, since Quintus is a small tiny mouse, he can help with puzzles and venture into areas when no adult man can reach. In addition Quintus provides objectives, tips, and general help along the way while providing valuable company to Alan when things get a bit frightening.

Using slightly cell shaded colors and a drawn outline on all objects, the game takes advantages of the ‘QATAT’ art style. This creates a light on the eyes effect that even when the lights are out, the outline stays to give a unique view of the world.

Quintus and the Absent Truth Chapter One: Forgotten is currently available as a free to play title on Game Jolt and

Quintus and the Absent Truth Reveal Trailer | Wreck Tangle Games

Wreck Tangle Games (@WreckTGames Twitter) is a solo developer studio founded by Orion Moon. In 2014, Moon took his background skills in music composition, song writing, graphic design, film and fictional writing and applied them to a single creative output through game development utilizing the Unity game engine. GiAnt, an ant simulator was released in 2016 as the studio’s first title.