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Memory Spends Summer Solving a Puzzle Mystery

From Oregon based indie game developer Soft Paw Studio comes their worldwide release of Memory, a puzzle mystery adventure game. The single player game puts players in a charming little town of Woodland Park during a summer retreat.

For players, the adventure begins as one starts to settle in at the house of their character’s grandmother. While out exploring the surroundings, little by little, long forgotten history is realized. The inhabitants of the town also carry tales of lost forgotten secrets.

As players venture deeper into the story, a single terrible event is discovered that forever changed Woodland Park. Players will learn that the past never can stay buried and their task is to unveil the truth.

The story-driven exploration adventure focuses on detail. Through retrieving memories, collecting radio transmissions and solving puzzles will players be able to put the pieces together. Solving riddles and picking up clues will open up new challenges. A beautiful young girl Alicia will be met along the way. But the question begs, can she be trusted?

There are many areas where players can explore the town of Woodland Park. By keeping a careful eye, players can find clues that will lead to the next. Each place has a memory or a radio message that will aid in unraveling the past. Putting the clues and puzzle solutions together will help unravel the mystery and restore the memory of what happened.

Memory is available on Steam for Windows PC at the regular price of $14.99 USD. The game is suitable for players of all ages and gaming experience levels. On the Soft Paw Studio YouTube channel a series of Vlogs discuss current happening with the game and development. For more information about Memory visit the game’s page on the developer’s website here.

Soft Paw Studio (@SoftPawStudio1 Twitter) is an indie game developer based in Portland, Oregon. Memory is the studio’s first game.