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Solar Baron Tycoon Game Details Announced

Indie game developer Preon Studio, has announced the first details of their upcoming space sim tycoon Solar Baron. The game is planned for a Q3 2020 release into early access on Steam.

Featuring a procedurally generated life-sized solar system, players have the opportunity to explore and profit on all the various celestial objects out there. The world of Solar Baron faces a dwindling resource problem. In an act of desperation, the government has privatized the stagnant global space agency to encourage for profit corporations to acquire resources from other worlds and bring them home.

Players take the satisfaction of building their company, designing their own spacecraft, building spaceports, constructing colonies, and watching their spacecraft perform real orbital maneuvers. A wide range of components are available for designs with engines, fuel-types, and more. Each spacecraft will need to be tailored for their mission. A streamlined mission design system allows players the time to plan and develop their strategy, goals, future missions and still fall within budget for a tidy profit.

Solar Baron is planned for a Q3 2020 release date as an early access game on Steam for Windows PC. Players can wishlist the game now. For more information about Solar Baron visit the game’s website at or follow @SolarBaronGame on Twitter.

Solar Baron Announcement Trailer | Preon Studio

Preon Studio is an indie developer founded and comprised of the brothers Paweł and Piotr Olszewski. Combined the team has over a decade of game development experience in programming, graphic design, and game development. Solar Baron is the first title for Preon Studio.