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What a Cluster Fight Local Platform Fighter on Steam

Simple Systems Studios first game, the pixel art local play platform brawler, What a Cluster Fight is making its debut on Steam today. The game started development in 2019 and is also being published by the solo developer studio.

This fast-paced action platformer is all about taking on one’s friends or family in up to 4 player local gameplay while relaxing on the couch. All of the controls are simple to use and easy to learn allowing the most inexperienced of gamers to get going. A long with keyboard and mouse, What a Cluster Fight has full controller support.

What a Cluster Fight is perfect for a quick match with friends and family. The controls are very simple and easy to pick up for even inexperienced gamers.

Samuel Crouse, Developer and Founder, Simple Systems Studios

There are a total of eight different unique characters with each having their own unique abilities. From over 50 levels to experience and tons of different weapons to choose from there will be plenty of ways to take out friends. Spikes, pitfalls, traps, and explosions are only a few to means to name.

When players are dropped into the platform arena, guns will drop from the sky. Those who are fast can grab a weapon and unload into those who didn’t catch one. An epic soundtrack provides that right audio backdrop for the game as one eliminates other players that hilariously explode into several pixel circles upon death.

What a Cluster Fight is available on Steam for PC. For more information about What a Cluster Fight visit the developer’s website here.


Simple Systems Studios (@StudiosSystems Twitter) is a solo developer studio founded by Samuel Crouse. In 2019, the studio began working on their first title, What a Cluster Fight in order to put out a party or couch co-op game that is more accessible than that of the expensive AAA game titles.