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Bus Mechanic Simulator Pulls Onto Steam

Get ready to experience the work life of a professional mechanic in charge of MAN buses in Bus Mechanic Simulator from publisher Aerosoft. Developed by VIS Games and Darius Bode, the game invites players to maintain, repair, test, and restore various MAN bus models based on their real world versions.

During the game’s development experts from MAN Truck & Bus SE, a leading bus manufacturer in Germany, supported the game’s development. Each of the MAN buses have been modeled accurately with great detail. Depending upon the bus model, there are between 2700 and 3400 parts. Additionally each model can be fully dismantled and any part can be replaced and repaired.

In the bus shop, players are provided a full tool set to perform a typical mechanic’s work on these buses. From changing a tire and performing maintenance work on the door systems to a full gearbox replacement there are so many elements where a player has the chance to tinker.

As the game progresses more complex repairs with engine and electronics work. There is an additional area where players can check brakes, dampers and lighting systems automatically. All of the of work occurs on the three MAN bus types that include solo or regular, articulate and double-decker buses.

The community of the bus fans is really big and diverse. Because of years of experience with bus fans, mainly through our best selling Omnibus Simulator 2, we have good rapport with this target audience. Bus Mechanic Simulator closes a gap in the market, as a mechanics simulation for busses has not been made before.

Winfried Dieckmann, CEO and Founder, Aerosoft

Bus Mechanic Simulator is available now on Steam for Windows PC. Priced at $24.99 USD the game is currently discounted down by 10% to $22.49 USD until May 21, 2020. More information about Bus Mechanic Simulator can be found on the publisher’s website here.

Bus Mechanic Simulator Official Trailer | Aerosoft

Aerosoft (@AerosoftGmbH Twitter) is a European based producer of high-quality simulation products. Their roots are in the flight simulation business, however, since 2002 the company has extended its product range to include other PC simulations. Currently the company has more than 30 employees and is one of the leading manufactures and publishers of simulation games in the world.