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The End of the Sun Kickstarter Date Announced

A new atmospheric first-person exploration and adventure story is on the horizon in The End of the Sun as its Kickstarter campaign launch date is coming soon. The Slavic fantasy world game has been in development for three years by three-person team.

On May 6, The End of the Sun development team will launch their Kickstarter campaign to secure funding for finishing the project. Along with the Kickstarter announcement comes a 20 minute long gameplay video with full commentary. In addition on Jakub Machowski’s YouTube channel, the game’s Director, there is a small series on Developer Diary videos that are in Polish with English subtitles.

The story of the game is the most critical component of the game as it has the most meaning. Set in a world of Slavic beliefs, legends, rites and everyday life where the lines between myth and reality blur the story follows a mysterious series of events that the ordinary people of a small village deal with.

Players take on the role of the Ashter, who is gifted with the ability to travel through time and knowledge about Navia which is the space where human fates are shaped. Hot on the trail of a secret fugitive, one stumbles upon a mysterious village, but there seems to be no one around or at least not in the form expected.

Inspired by Slavic mythology and legends, The End of the Sun presents the game’s events during the 4 major Slavic festivals during the 4 seasons far away from each other in time. Mystical events are recreated along with culture and people’s own habits in unusual ways. Both adventure and exploration games have inspired the development which includes unorthodox riddles to solve, but still putting the story-line first.

Current core game features include time traveling between four periods spread far apart on the timeline set in the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter. Time traveling has consequences and certain elements of history and the world will only open up if the right things happen at the right time. The non-linear story is designed to be engaging and immersive allowing players to move at their own pace.

The world is alive. Weather and lighting change as time flows. In the world, players will experience Slavic culture and daily activities from the immersive history of long-forgotten daily life. During development in order to get unique graphics, the development team visited ethnographic museums to scan hundreds of objects and entire buildings to recreate the most European Slavic climate and environment possible.

The End of the Sun Kickstarter date is set for a May 6 launch. Interested backers can visit the campaign’s page to be notified when the campaign begins. Full release on Steam is expected in 2020 or 2021 and will be available on Windows, Mac and Linux. Console releases for the PS4 and Xbox One are also planned. For more information about The End of the Sun visit or follow @endofthesungame on Twitter.

The End of the Sun Official Gameplay with Commentary | The End of the Sun Team

The End of the Sun Team is a small independent studio from Poland and was formed with the dream of creating atmospheric adventure story based games. Currently the team is comprised of Jakub Machowski, Kinga Rąpała and Hubert Motyka.

Machowski is the game’s Director, Game and Graphic Designer, and Screenwriter. His previous project was The Mims Beginning from the Squatting Penguins team. Rąpała is The End of the Sun’s Music and Sound Designer and Environmental Designer who is a singer, guitarist and music composer. Motyka is the team’s Programmer who has many years of experience creating what cannot be easily seen and makes sure that the game functions properly.