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Gray Zone Early Access Release

EastWorks Studios has released their tactical RTS shoot’em up, Gray Zone, on Steam as an early access game. The title also features RPG elements and a powerful narrative-driven story.

The story follows the journey of a slave who turned against his masters and seeks out a new path. This adventure takes place in the Milky Way galaxy set hundreds of years from the present. Players can expect to encounter memorable characters, fun dialogs and plenty of action.

Other gameplay elements include a tactical mode, new physics, hero customization along with various elements seen in classic strategy games.

Included in the April 30 early access launch is Chapter 1 of the seven chapter saga. As early access development continues more chapters will be added and the base price of the game will increase. All of the game’s core features are complete and in the early access version which includes voice-overs, cutscenes, dialogues, music, sound effects, and physics effects. New content, bug fixes, and game improvements will be added along the way during early access.

Gray Zone is now available as an early access release on Steam. The game is regularly priced at $19.99 USD, however until May 7, Gray Zone is available for $15.99 USD. For more information about Gray Zone visit game’s website at or follow @grayzonegame on Twitter.

Gray Zone Launch Trailer | EastWorks Studios

EastWorks Studios (@east_works Twitter) is a game developer that specializes in both self-developed games and outsourcing on other projects. Founded in Kosice, Slovakia in 2011, the studio has since collaborated on a number of highly successful projects that includes Mafia III, Murdered Soul Suspect, and Arma 3.

Update September 3, 2020: Updated the Gray Zone Twitter link to reflect new handle and link.