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Dr. Tacocat Steam Skateboarding Adventure

Indie developer Ok_kern has launched their arcade skateboarding runner adventure title, Dr. Tacocat onto Steam. With the launch comes a discount for the game after being in the making for two years.

The story of Dr. Tacocat takes place in the pixel world of Mreowfield. It’s all about skateboarding and escaping the pug patrol or anyone else who stands in the way of the skateboarding fun.

Designed to be fun and cute, Dr. Tacocat can be easily played 10-20 minutes at a time as a nice break from one’s other regular games.

Players can control the level speed with the push of their board. The procedurally generated levels keep the world fresh in the infinite skateboard runner. Falls are easily forgiven even if one decided to bail on their trick or was stopped by a do gooder civilian. All one needs to do is hop back on their board and start shredding away.

Animations for various tricks are realistic. There are 8 flip tricks, 4 different grinds, 4 different grabs and ollie. During one’s skateboarding they can collect tacos and use them to blast the pug patrol to keep the skateboarding fun going.

Dr. Tacocat is available on Steam for Windows PC. The game’s regular price is $4.99 USD and is currently on sale during its launch week until April 23, 2020 at a price of $4.09 USD. For more information about Dr. Tacocat, visit the game’s website at

Dr. Tacocat Announcement Trailer | Jimi Demetriou

Ok_kern is an indie video game developer from the United States. The studio is directed by creative veteran Jimi Demetriou with a goal to bring art and fun back into the interactive experience. Previously Demetriou has created simpleLFO an Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere plugin and midiDFAM a midi controller device for use with Ableton.