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Ashes of Creation Alpha One Preview

Last Friday, developer Intrepid Studios streamed an early preview of the upcoming Alpha One for Ashes of Creation. For many viewers this was the first time they saw the MMORPG played in real-time.

During the two-hour event on Twitch, developers interacted with viewers answering questions about the game. The developers were thrilled to see the enthusiasm from the community for what they saw. Since not everyone could attend the streaming event, Intrepid Studios has posted a replay of the Ashes of Creation Alpha One Preview stream on YouTube.

Many of the game’s core features were demonstrated in action along with new information about these features. Eventhough this was an early iteration of the first alpha for Ashes of Creation, it was a demonstration of the progress made on this MMORPG.

Topics covered in the Ashes of Creation Alpha One Preview included the quest system, quest sharing, resource gathering such as mining nodes, royal grade mounts including gliding on griffons, realtime node development, tax collection, basic Mayor node management systems, basic fishing system, caravan PvP-Flagging system and so much more.

A note about Mayors is that they dedicate a portion of funds for conscripting mercenaries, escorts for caravans, buy orders and sending emissaries on trade agreements. As players pledge their citizenship to a node, the buy in costs keeps increasing to prevent everyone from joining that one node. The Mayor can also hurt citizens in a negative way forcing players to take control and prevent that the Mayor doesn’t get re-elected.

The Emberstorm Dragon Boss battle and other elements of a dungeon were seen showing off game combat. Currently in early stages, the Hybrid Combat 2.0 system features a tab+action system. Another video is planned soon to show off more and several other videos are available on the Ashes of Creation YouTube channel.

Ashes of Creation is currently in early testing phases. Interested players can learn how to get access to early testing phases along with more information about Ashes of Creation on the game’s website at or follow @AshesofCreation on Twitter.

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Intrepid Studios is a a game development studio and publisher that was founded in 2015. Based in Southern California, the studio has assembled a team of veteran AAA talent and experience in the MMORPG industry to create the next great MMORPG in Ashes of Creation.