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Gatewalkers Trailer, Alpha Details

A2 Softworks has released a new trailer for their cooperative action-survival title, Gatewalkers, and information about the upcoming alpha. The game also incorporates RPG elements as players travel through gates to different worlds in an effort to save their own.

In the new game trailer, several different worlds with various environments such as toxic gas or bitter cold are showcased. Also it is emphasized that players will need to work together to survive and be successful in their effort.

With the trailer also comes the launch of a new alpha version of Gatewalkers. Those who are newsletter subscribers will receive a key to participate in the March 26 through March 29 event. Interested players can signup to the newsletter on the game’s website. During this alpha event, A2 Softworks will allow the studio to gain valuable feedback from the community.

New alpha tests are an important step for us. We are constantly introducing a lot of changes and improvements, which could not be done without the input of those that will be affected the most – the players. We would like to thank all of them for their support!

Andrzej Stroiński, A2 Softworks

Core features of the game include team co-op with up to four players. Survival is a challenge as tough monsters and extreme weather conditions will challenge players to stay alive. Each world is procedurally generated. The different world types have their own unique survival mechanic that forces players to adapt as they explore. As a team, players can share responsibilities making it easier than going at it alone.

There is no target system in the game. All combat is skill based and all skills can be missed. Crafting adds the ability to make what one needs. Select an item, get the materials and recipe, make the item.

Players are literally what they wear in the game. Gatewalkers has no character classes. This means their clothing can allow them to decide upon their strategy in the field.

Gatewalkers is scheduled to hit early access on Steam in Q2 or Q3 2020. More information about Gatewalkers can be found on the game’s website at or follow @GatewalkersGame on Twitter.

Gatewalkers Gameplay Trailer | A2 Softworks

A2 Softworks (@A2Softworks Twitter) is an independent game studio based in Poznań, Poland. The studio, also goes by A Square Softworks or A2S and is powered by NeticTech S.A. which is a private investment company