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Curse of the Dead Gods Early Access on Steam

Passtech Games and publisher Focus Home Interactive have released their rogue-lite game, Curse of the Dead Gods, into early access on Steam. Since the March 3, 2020 early access launch, Curse of the Dead Gods has a Steam user review rating of over 87%.

The game is a rogue-lite action adventure where players journey through the Temple. In the early access launch the Jaguar section is available complete with unique traps and various game mechanics that will make the trek difficult. There are over 10 regular curses, more than 30 rooms with their own variations, 9 fighting styles, over 40 relics, and many more things to discover.

All of the previously mentioned challenges along with monsters and bosses await players as they seek the untold riches and eternal life. Of course all of this lies in a seemingly infinite labyrinth full of dangers.

Based upon community feedback, Passtech Games has already released the first patch. The developer is also working on a new update which will bring new content, further optimization, and bug fixes. An official roadmap for the game is available here with a plan to launch before the end of 2020. In the release version of the game, three full sections will be featured each focused on a different god along with more weapons, curses, relics and other fun things.

Curse of the Dead Gods is available now as an early access title on Steam at a regular price of $14.99 USD for Windows PC. For more information about Curse of the Dead Gods visit the game’s website at or follow @PlayDeadGods on Twitter.

Curse of the Dead Gods Early Access Launch Trailer – Focus Home Interactive

Passtech Games (@PasstechGames Twitter) is an independent French game developer based in Lyon, France. Started in 2012, the company grew to become a team of dedicated and experienced game industry professionals that focus to deliver a qualitative and complete experience to gamers.

Focus Home Interactive (@FocusHome Twitter) is a publisher based in Paris, France. The company is known for the quality, diversity, and originality of its game portfolio of published and distributed original titles across all major platforms, consoles, and PC.