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Armoured Onslaught Tower Defense Shooter Hybrid

Team Hot Stuff is letting their fast-paced top-down shooter and tower defense hybrid, Armoured Onslaught, blast its way on Steam. In this hybrid both strategy and skill are front and center against the endless hordes of enemies.

Players pilot a powerful mech called BARI that is loaded with a variety of weapons. Alongside the mech players can build up their defenses and upgrade turrets to better blast their enemies across 12 chaotic campaign levels.

From enemy tanks to long range artillery, players will face off against a wide variety of enemy vehicles. As enemies are defeated, energy is earned which can be spent on weapons, mech upgrades, and turrets. All the effort on the battlefield will eventually lead to confrontations with one of the four unique and challenging boss battles.

Developed with the Unreal Engine 4, Armoured Onslaught features 4 varied landscapes that contain hundreds of waves of enemies. Players can go at it alone or team up with a friend in local split-screen multiplayer for twice the explosive fun. No matter what happens it is a nearly unending onslaught explosive visuals.

Armoured Onslaught is available now on Steam for PC at a regular price of $17.99 USD. A special launch promotion runs until March 5 discounting the title down to $16.19 USD. For more information about Armoured Onslaught visit the game’s website here.

Armoured Onslaught Official Trailer | Team Hot Stuff

Team Hot Stuff (@HotStuffGames Twitter) is an independent video game developer based in Portsmouth, United Kingdom. The rag-tag group of developers formed in 2013 as a team of the University of Portsmouth Game Jam. They continued working together and now aim to bring high quality entertainment to PC and console platforms with Armoured Onslaught being their latest game.