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Project AETHER: First Contact Launches

Sleepy Spider Studios has announced their dynamically powerful giant mech twin-stick shooter, Project AETHER: First Contact launches on Steam today. With the launch also comes a brand-new trailer for the single player game showing off its intense action.

Fans of the shoot’em up games will be pleased to find that Project AETHER pays homage to legendary developers of the genre such as Treasure and M2 and of the giant-mech genre of anime. The story takes place after a mysterious alien force invades and the player is given orders to pilot the prototype AETHER mech unit. Using the customizable loadout featuring the choice of two swappable ranged weapons, and a melee saber, players will be able to take on any alien threat that is presented.

From alien fleets to super giant boss ships, players will shoot everything hostile across 9 levels. Each battle will have their own unique threats in the 3D space environments where success is a must. Fast responses and tactical thinking along with the AETHER mech’s abilities will one ensure victory over the aliens.

This is the second game from Sleepy Spider Studios with Legions of Tyrandel the studio’s first title. In June of 2019, the developer ran an unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign to raise additional funds to bring the game across the finish line. Even with the setback, the studio moved forward and delivered a polished product.

We’re very proud of our work on Project AETHER. Our goal was to provide a fast-paced and fluid game experience, and we feel we’ve delivered on that in a way that players will find very satisfying. We want to reward constant mobility and quick reflexes to keep up the game’s momentum.

Ryan Shim, Programmer and Marketing Manager at Sleepy Spider Studios

Project AETHER: First Contact is now available to purchase on Humble Bundle and Steam for Windows PC. Regularly priced at $12.99 USD the game is on sale at a 15% discount during the launch week. For more information about Project AETHER: First Contact visit game’s website at

Project AETHER: First Contact Launch Trailer | Sleepy Spider Studios

Sleepy Spider Studios (@SpiderSleeps Twitter) is an independent game developer founded in 2015 and is based out of Toronto, ON, Canada. The studio avoids specializing in any one genre, style, or theme, and instead focuses on making games that are fun and enjoyable.

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