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Table Manners Dating Sim with Physics

Echo Chamber Games and publisher Curve Digital gave gamers the Valentine’s Day gift of a new physics-based dating sim, Table Manners. A disembodied hand and chaotic physics on date, what could go wrong?

While this may seem like a VR title, players on PC command a disembodied hand during their often humorous and catastrophic attempt while trying to perform the simplest of tasks. From pouring a glass of wine to lighting a candle for ambiance this epic challenge of finding love is a disaster in the making. Now try not to smash the wine bottle or set the table on fire.

Unlike real-life dates, Table Manners is a romantic encounter where failure is just as much fun as success. Naturally, your gut instinct is to impress your potential new partner, but no one can deny that accidentally drenching your date in a freshly poured bottle of wine isn’t without its own reward. We think it’ll serve as either the perfect practice for those who have a real-life date lined up, or antidote for those who give Valentine’s Day a miss.

Tim Lewis, Producer at Echo Chamber Games

Dates don’t only just happen in safe and stable restaurants. With several unique locations such as a cruise ship or up in the air on a private jet, each experience brings its won set of challenges both with physics and the ability to perform. And for all the left-handed people out there don’t fret, the game has a left-handed mode so that everyone can participate in the hilarity.

Table Manners is available now on Steam for Windows PC at a regular price of $17.99 USD. A special promotion on Steam that discounts the game down to $14.39 USD runs until February 21, 2020. In addition the game is currently available in the Love Physics Bundle on Steam which includes Human: Fall Flat in the discounted bundle. For more information about Table Manners visit the game’s website.

Table Manners Official Trailer | Curve Digital

Echo Chamber Games (@EchoChamberLtd Twitter) is a new indie developer based out of Royal Leamington Spa, a town in central England. Founded in early 2019 by three industry veterans, the team contains many years of combined industry experience with a range of platforms and genres. The studio’s goal is to make charming, fun and inclusive games for PC and console.

Curve Digital (@CurveDigital Twitter) is a leading publisher of games on PC and consoles. Founded in 2005 by Jason Perkins, the company is a British video game publisher based in London, England. Since 2013 the company has been working with game developers to bring their games to the global market with hits such as Dear Esther and Human: Fall Flat. The publisher has also won awards such as the Indie Games Publisher of the Year at the 2018 and 2019 MCV Awards.