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Hokko Life Cozy Community Sim Game

Developed by Wonderscope, Hokko Life, is a community sim game that lets players to unleash their creativity in a relaxing environment. Players looking to escape the hustle and bustle can now do so in their new home in Hokko.

Today’s game announcement delivered the first Hokko Life game trailer. A brief run down shows players that they are given huge space to create, design, and build in Hokko. A large range of tools are available at their disposal to customize and design furniture, clothing, and much more.

Exploring the forest and abandoned mine allows players to chop, dig, and mine for resources. Using those resources, they can craft them into materials to be used in their own designs at the workshop. Different furniture can be created by combining different shapes and materials in a simple to use yet powerful editor.

If a player decides they want a change of color, all they have to do is grab a brush and get to painting. From flooring to wallpaper players can create their designs. Even t-shirts that the villagers wear are all places for creative expression.

Naturally a growing town will need to expand. Players can grab a builder, pick a location, and begin designing new homes and buildings for future residents of Hokko.

Now if building ever gets a bit boring, one can enjoy the simple farm life. Any plot of land can be turned into a place to grow some crops and make some money by selling the finest produce.

There are several fishing spots at various locations around the world of Hokko. Fish are an interesting challenge as each have their own habits and will vary in approach as players learn to reel them in. While in the great outdoors players can always enjoy bug hunting. A wide range of insects populate the land of Hokko and one never knows what is hiding in the next bush they search.

The game of Hokko Life came about after Wonderscope founder and developer Robert Tatnell decided to go solo after spending over a decade working on games the centered on killing. Tatnell desired to put his experience towards creating a non-violent, joyous, colorful, and relaxing title.

Hokko Life is currently being developed for PC with an early access release planned for 2020 on Steam. Players can add now Hokko Life to their wishlist on the Steam platform. For more information on Hokko Life visit the game’s website at, follow @hokkolife on Twitter or join the official Hokko Life Discord.

Hokko Life: Announcement Trailer | Wonderscope

Wonderscope AB is solo developer studio based out of Stockholm, Sweden and sometimes Japan when it is too chilly. Founded by Robert Tatnell (@robbodev Twitter) who previously worked at Sony and Lionhead, the studio aims to deliver high-quality titles that promote player freedom and creativity.