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Drawkanoid Neon Brick-Breaker on Steam

Welcome to QCF Design’s neon brick-breaking paradise, Drawkanoid, presented in hyperspeed with explosions on Steam.

Combining hyperspeed action with bullet time, Drawkanoid cleverly allows players to draw the paddle that will ricochet the lightning fast ball into layers of bricks. The struck bricks will burst into a glistening sparkle of vibrant neon colors.

I’m thrilled to release Drawkanoid and offer a different take on the block-breaking genre. It’s fast, fun and gorgeous to look at. With shiny explosions, ridiculous power ups and various modes, Drawkanoid has something for everyone. Draw fast, break faster!

Danny Day, CEO of QCF Design

In the spirit of the classic game Arkanoid, Drawkanoid takes all of the 2D arcade brick smashing action that players are accustomed and then push it to an extreme. Players will need to strategically draw the paddle to blast the super fast ball so that it will explode everything into vibrant eye-candy.

Bullet time lets players tactically deploy various power ups and build up huge combos. As players improve the speed is gradually accelerated.

There are multiple game modes that include include a tension-building race against the clock called Countdown. A Zen mode lets players completely zone out while they just smash bricks in massive displays of color filled kaleidoscopic patterns set to calming chiptunes.

The game itself started off as an initial prototype in 2017. In 2018, Drawkanoid became a Humble Original. Also in 2018, the game became an IndieCade 2018 finalist. Then in 2019, Drawkanoid won NGDC Season III Game of the Year award. Now in 2020 an expanded and improved version has landed on Steam.

Drawkanoid is available now on Steam for Windows and Mac. Regularly priced at $7.99 USD, players can find the game discounted down to $7.19 USD until January 28, 2020. For more information about Drawkanoid visit the game’s website at Players who are interested in other platform options can sign-up to be notified when they are available on the game’s website.

Drawkanoid Trailer | QCF Design

QCF Design (@OCFDesign Twitter) is an indie game developer based in Cape Town, South Africa. Founded in 2007, the team is known for their roguelike puzzle game Desktop Dungeons. Additionally, the team has worked on several projects such pull-out board games for magazines and educational content for the World Bank Institute.