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Jim Power Retro Platformer Kickstarter Comeback

Fans of Jim Power should get ready to have their minds blown with the Jim Power Kickstarter campaign to bring the game back. In fact, the franchise is coming back with re-releases for SNES, Turbografx CD, CD32 along with NES, Sega Genesis/Megadrive releases as well.

Originally released in 1992 Jim Power in Mutant Planet and in 1993 Jim Power: The Lost Dimension, the Jim Power games are a single player shoot’em up platformer similar to that of Mega Man, Turrican, and Contra. There is a bit of a split in the games story with the two different releases that feature the same enemies, bosses, level designs, and soundtrack. The games were designed by French developer Loriciel. For Jim Power: The Lost Dimension the game was released on the SNES and MS-DOS with a Sega Genesis version planned, but then cancelled late in development.

Fast-forward to 2014, Piko Interactive started the process of reviving the title. After the original creator of Jim Power passed away in 2016, delays in acquiring the permission to do certain things with the release occurred. Eventually after working with the original creator’s partner and his estate, Piko Interactive fully acquired the rights of the Jim Power intellectual properties allowing the company to open up the franchise to other opportunities.

In 2020, Piko Interactive launched a Kickstarter campaign for the Jim Power revival project. The Kickstarter is offering 5 different physical versions of Jim Power that will be available on day one with NES, Sega Genesis, SNES, Amiga CD32 with DOS version, and TurboGrafx CD. All of the game cartirdges will be produced with high quality parts and materials that use 5V compatible integrated circuits or level shifters to ensure there are no worries that the printed circuit boards may damage their consoles. All cartridges will have gold plated pins and the CDs will be pressed professionally.

Stretch goals for the Jim Power Kickstarter include the release of a comic book written by Kevin Roditeli at $65,000. Another two comic books will appear at $80k and $95k. At higher stretch goals Nintendo Switch and PSN digital store releases and limited run physical formats will be produced. And even further would be an actual 22 or 40 minute Jim Power Animated Cartoon Pilot.

The Jim Power Kickstarter campaign is currently underway and set to conclude on Friday, February 14, 2020 at 7:20 AM PST. Currently the campaign sits at a little over 70% of their base funding goal of $50,000 USD with 390 backers at the time of this articles publication. Potential backers are encouraged to visit the campaigns page to learn more about Jim Powers and Piko Interactive’s plans for the franchise.

Piko Interactive (@Pikointeractive Twitter) is a content provider for retro video game consoles, plug and play consoles, and retro digital distribution platforms. There are currently over 130 different titles in their catalog. The company works constantly to bring in the highest quality of new retro video games for consoles.