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Lightmatter Puzzle Adventure on Steam

Aspyr and Tunnel Vision Games today bring their award-winning first-person puzzle adventure, Lightmatter, to Steam.

The game follows the sci-fi story of a maniac inventor who has created the ultimate power source called Lightmatter. Set in an evacuated facility that is at risk of being torn apart atom by atom, players must explore the facility in order to discover the hidden plot. All along the adventure they will face challenging puzzles that require mastering different light sources to survive because the shadows are out to kill them.

Spread throughout the game are themes of journalistic integrity, scientific ethics, and megalomania. David Bateson who is known for playing Agent 47 in Hitman, plays as Virgil, CEO of Lightmatter Technologies. Virgil is also a source of dark humor narrative provided in the game.

Originally, Lightmatter started out as a university project where a group of students wanted to explore lights and shadows as the primary gameplay mechanic for a puzzle game. A 15 minute prototype was developed and offered as a free download on Reddit. Becoming an overnight success with thousands of downlaods and multiple accolades from game conferences around the world, Tunnel Vision Games was born.

Art styling within the game features thick-line animation and graphic novel-style outlines in the 3D environment. Lightmatter seeks to pay homage to other first-person puzzlers and draws inspiration from The Turing Test, Portal, and The Talos Principle. Players will need to use lateral thinking to solve challenging puzzles with lights, shadows, beams, platforms, and Lightmatter.

We love Lightmatter, and we wanted to share these fantastic puzzles with as many people as possible. Free-to-Try is Aspyr’s approach to letting gamers try games we love.

Elizabeth Howard, VP of Publishing, Aspyr

Lightmatter is available now on Steam for Windows PC. Players can try the first hour of gameplay for free and then choose to unlock the full game for $19.99 USD. Any progress made during the free trial gameplay will be saved. The latest information about Lightmatter can be found on the game’s website at or on the Lightmatter Discord at

Lightmatter – Launch Trailer | Aspyr

Tunnel Vision Games (@TunnelVisionG Twitter) is an independent game development studio based in Aalborg, Denmark. Inspired by a university project on tutorilization in games, Lightmatter was born and will be the studio’s first commercial release.

Aspyr (@AspyrMedia Twitter) is a leading game publishing and development company based in Austin, Texas. Their focus is on maximizing the potential of games for all players, across all platforms. The company currently supports a growing network of partners including leading entertainment IP holders, publishers, developers, and technology providers.