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Citywars Savage Free Demo Available

A free playable demo is currently available on Steam from 01 Studio for the fast paced sandbox indie MMORPG Citywars Savage.

To progress in Citywars Savage players have to build and expand their city. They can be built alone, with friends, or even with massive clans. Along the way on their effort blueprints and gathered materials are needed to craft and build the components and items necessary for the city building effort.

One of the most unique features to Citywars Savage is the visual scripting system. Players can program their own NPCs to help progress their city. The entire server is a centralized modding platform that allows the community to edit and change just about everything from the game. Worlds, game modes, weapons, quests, filters, music, behaviors, and even the NPCs are all editable from inside the game.

With the demo, the developers are asking the community to help finish the game by participating in part of the development by downloading and playing the demo. According to a recent Instagram post on the Citywars Savage account this is a Pre Alpha stress test. The developers will be online all weekend and invite players to come talk with them.

Citywars Savage currently has a free demo on its Steam page. For the latest information about Citywars Savage visit the game’s website at, follow @CitywarsNetwork on Twitter, or join the game’s Discord at

Citywars Savage Alpha Explication GamePlay Trailer | 01 Studio

01 Studio is a small indie studio based out of Montreal in Canada that is composed of two long-term friends. For more than 10 years, the two have been working together on their dream of having their own game. Focused on multiplayer games, the studio’s priority will always be multiplayer interaction first.