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Dwarrows Cozy Town Builder Sets Release Date

Lithic Entertainment has officially set a release date for their peaceful adventure and cozy town-building game, Dwarrows. This February the game will launch on Steam and with an Xbox One launch date still yet to be announced.

Set in a beautifully hand-crafted atmospheric and peaceful environment, Dwarrows delivers a unique and fresh mix of both town-building and action-adventure genres to life. Players will build and grow a their new settlement where new structures to improve the town and grow wait to be discovered and unlocked. All of the building is done by using resources, hidden treasures, and other wonders from the lush forests and land surrounding the settlement.

As players venture into the 3D fantasy world there are three uniquely skilled characters in which they will use to quest and solve puzzles. Adventuring to mysterious places allows one to uncover lost artifacts and along this journey players will meet quirky and strange characters. Wanderers can be invited to join their town. Cute animals may befriended who will follow and help in the travels.

We are excited to get Dwarrows into the hands of our fans and followers. We’ve been working hard on Dwarrows for a long time and we can’t wait to debut our game-baby to the world.

Andy Wood, co-founder of Lithic Entertainment

Dwarrows release date is set for February 28, 2020 on PC, Mac, and Linux through Steam. Interested players can add the game to their wishlist now. An Xbox One release date will be announced in the future. The latest information about Dwarrows can be found on the game’s website at or join the Dwarrows Discord at

Dwarrows Official Trailer | Lithic Entertainment

Lithic Entertainment (@LithicEnt Twitter) is a game developer based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The studio is comprised of three tenacious and patient developers with a studio mission to create unique and engaging games and experiences.