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The Textorcist Krampus Holiday Event

Christmas may have came and now went, but the half-demon Krampus is still around to visit Ray Bibbia in The Textorcist holiday event.

Developer MorbidWare and publisher Headup wants players to enjoy their hot chocolate and presents and be thankful Krampus didn’t come to town. Ray Bibbia, the main character in The Textorcist: The Story of Ray Bibbia, decorated his officer with stockings, wreaths, and a tree. Then on Christmas Eve when he opened his first present there was no present at all. In fact it was the evil spirit Krampus and he is now available in game.

It is up to players to save Ray’s holiday and beat the evil half-demon. A true Christmas horror story is about to unfold and the clock is ticking.

A mix of bullet hell and finger typing exorcisms await players in The Texotrcist: The Story of Ray Bibbia. Players who jump into the bullet dodging action will find themselves in an adventure as Ray Bibbia, the private exorcist who face’s off against demonic threats and his own sinful past.

The game features intense story telling with lots of typing and bullets, There are 10 boss fights plus Krampus with challenging mechanics for every boss. Typing is required for everything, even opening doors. Leaderboards let players show off their skills and players can use the keyboard or a gamepad for a rhythm experience. An original soundtrack composed by GosT accompanies the pixel graphic world of the Ray Bibbia.

The Textorcist: The Story of Ray Bibbia is available now on Humble Bundle and Steam along with the Krampus holiday event. Regularly priced at $14.99 USD the game is available on Windows and Mac. For the latest information about The Texorcist follow @The_Textorcist on Twitter.

MorbidWare (@morbidware Twitter) is an indie game development label from Rome. Their focus is on creating games for desktop, mobile, and web with their current project being The Textorcist.

Headup Games (@HeadupGames Twitter) is a hybrid game publishing and development company. Founded in 2009, the company provides players worldwide with content in the independent gaming sector and is active on all major platforms such as consoles, mobile devices, and PC. At the German Developers Awards in 2012, 2013, 2017, and 2019 Headup took home the Best Publisher award and has served over 80 million customers on mobile and millions more on PC and console.

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